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our use of the site indicates your agreement to be bound by the Terms of Use.?Thoughts On Mongolia Growth Group's Mandal Insurance Unit On June 20, 2011, a press release announced that their Mandal Insurance division was now the best capitalized insurance company in Mongolia. This article is a follow up on my November 25, 2011 article about Mongolia Growth Group's private placement, and their real estate business. How could Mongolia Growth Group become the bestcapitalized insurance company in Mongolia in six months? Mongolia Growth Group only needed $5 million to become the bestcapitalized insurance company in Mongolia. The fact is that the penetration of the insurance market todate in Mongolia is minimal. To understand why there are not any major international insurance companies opening an insurance business in Mongolia, consider that the size of the population in Mongolia is about the population of Chicago. Now, take the population of Chicago and spread that population over the size

of a country a little smaller than Alaska, and make the average annual income less than $5,000, with those below the median annual wages earning less than $3,600 per year. Add to jimmy choo uk that, a local language that is unique to the country small market size. For these reasons, no major fast food company (no McDonald no KFC) has entered the Mongolian market, let alone a major international insurance company making a footprint in the local market. The other side is that highend retail stores such as Louis Vuitton, Dior, and Armani, have seen enough economic growth and wealth creation in Mongolia jimmy choo pumps that they have opened stores in Mongolia. Why start an insurance company in Mongolia? The first guiding investment principal of Mongolia Growth Group has two parts. Part 1: The economy of Mongolia is going to boom because it has significant untapped resources that will cause Mongolia GDP to grow more than 10% per year for the next 20 jimmy choo outlet years. Part 2: Find ways to gain leverage on the economic boom caused

by Mongolia mineral wealth. Do not invest in mining.